As this blog was intended to allow me to measure progress, I feel I should take some time to reflect on progress so far.

Aside from my general fear of essay-writing (having not had to do so for 16 years), the thing I found hardest was limiting the scope of my writing. I tend to try and see the big picture, and slot the detail into it. I’m not good at diving into specific aspects without considering everything else I know and whether what I’m reading fits in with that. So I find a word limit very difficult, presumably as intended.

For the essay on Knap Hill, I wrote 5427 words, which then had to be cut to 2000. So lots of what I felt I needed to say had to be cut out. I had to remove the whole section about the creation being the usage, and recutting of ditches etc.

Hopefully, next year I will get better at editing.

Written on June 27th, 2011 , Musings

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